impianto distribuzione ossigenoL.M. designs and manufactures “turnkey” gas distribution systems based on the quality and safety criteria specified in the context of the most advanced company standards. Thanks to the most advanced technological solutions and the most modern integrated quality criteria customers can be guaranteed that the purities and the specifications of the project are indeed those that they require. The good gas distribution process in the path between the cylinders and the source, enables the system performance to remain unchanged over time while minimising maintenance costs. The careful selection of equipment and materials, individually subjected to checks and inspections, ensures total compatibility with the gases and mixtures to be used, as well as reliability over time.

Inspections, testing and maintenance
Each system is tested and inspected with leakage and mechanical strength tests in accordance with qualified internal procedures and any specific requirements for similar sectors, which feeds a second shut-off unit for gas distribution to each user.
The purpose is to verify the absence of leaks, the functionality and safety of the system. For a better service, and in accordance with the requirements of the latest regulations (directives PED and more), each distribution system that has successfully passed the testing is delivered to the customer complete with operating and maintenance manuals, as well as material and equipment certificates, reports on testing, on the execution of the works in a workmanlike manner and delivery of the same.


impianti distrubuzione ossigeno

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VAT number 02876330164 Share Capital fully paid up: € 13,000
REA registration:330177