L.M. IMPIANTI designs and constructs Traps for the launching and receipt of Pigs intended for the maintenance of pipelines for the transport of oil and gas products and their derivatives.
Pigs are spherical or cylindrical shaped devices that are inserted in a pipeline (gas or oil pipeline), are pushed by the flow of the product that circulates in the pipeline and are moved for the purpose of Cleaning or Control of the pipe.

APS LAUNCHERS -  Launcher Traps are equipment that enable the insertion of the Pig in the piping
PIG TRAPS RECEIVERS -  Receiver traps are on the other hand used to “capture” the Pigs and remove them from the piping at the end of their service.
CLOSURES: manual closure with tie-rods or quick closure with automatic opening safety device with alarm and control system. The quick closures may be of the “Clamp”, “Bayonet” or threaded type with soft elastomer or metal seals.
PIG DETECTOR SENSORS  can be: mechanical with manual or automatic reinforcement, with “visual” control or by means of electronic-acoustic devices for “remote” control.

PUMPER – ATEX Water Pump for reclamation works Hydrocarbon Tanks






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VAT number 02876330164 Share Capital fully paid up: € 13,000
REA registration:330177