Nitrogen is now used in industry for freezing and rapid cooling. All industries can benefit from the application of its unique properties to increase yield, improve production performance and make operations and processes safer.

Nitrogen can be used:

  • For ammonia synthesis
  • In the electronics industry as a carrier gas
  • For cryogenic applications
  • To create oxygen deficient atmospheres
  • In industry for the storage of perishable organic products in a protected atmosphere

CRYOGENIC: when nitrogen with a high degree of purity is required

ABSORBING: for nitrogen requirements when purity is not a critical factor. High performing PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) systems with the molecular sieve formula which allows for the production of gas using low quantities of air and reducing the consumption of electrical power.


In addition to being used in the health sector to treat respiratory disorders, oxygen, thanks to its chemical properties, is used in many industrial production activities. Processes such as combustion, chemical oxidation and wastewater treatment can benefit from being enriched with oxygen in the air or from the complete replacement of the process air with oxygen. Oxygen in the liquid or gaseous state is used in:

  • Steel and metal manufacture
  • Glass and stone product manufacture
  • Aerospace industry as an oxidiser in rockets
  • Medicine and biology

CRYOGENIC: our systems can produce gaseous oxygen with high purity and flow rate.

ABSORBING: VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorption), capable of producing gaseous oxygen at low cost. Our VSA systems provide the possibility of saving on the medium-long term and allow for a reliable and continuous supply of gaseous oxygen.


Hydrogen is a very light gas with a strong reducing power, which makes it particularly suitable for operations and processes in various sectors.
Hydrogen is used for:

  • The production of glass
  • Chemical processing
  • The heat treatment of metals
  • Applications in the electronics sector
  • Applications in the food sector

The self-production of pure hydrogen and nitrogen is useful for metallurgy where high purity of the atmospheres used and their constant quality over time is fundamental.

The systems for the on-site self-production of hydrogen are able to ensure high levels of safety for the health of workers and the stability of the structures, thanks to the construction technologies, efficient and reliable from the point of view of use, operation, monitoring and maintenance.

The integrated systems built and installed on site by L.M. are in fact able to produce high purity gases for the most advanced industrial processes.


Acetylene is a gas which has contributed to industrial progress; since the beginning of the century it has been widely used in manufacturing activities (autogenous welding) and in the fields of civil and maritime lighting (headlights).


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VAT number 02876330164 Share Capital fully paid up: € 13,000
REA registration:330177