The Quality Policy is not just an advertising “manifesto” or an abstract document, but the starting point for the definition of quality objectives that must be pursued, verified and proven.
It is not just aimed at third parties, but disseminated above all to in-house staff which constitutes its direct creator; in this regard, this document is posted in appropriate areas of the company so that it can be freely consulted.

In this context, it is therefore considered a necessary element to ensure the pursuit of certain results for all interested parties, the owners, employees, co-workers, customers, suppliers, and anyone who comes in contact with the company.

L.M. Impianti aims to be recognised as a manufacturer and installer of gas production and distribution systems, water treatment and refrigeration systems, heat exchangers and mechanical metalwork of good quality and competitive cost. 
In this context, the Quality System adopted by L.M. Impianti takes as reference the requirements specified by the standards of the ISO 9000 series.

L.M. Impianti also aims to consolidate and enhance its position on the market, to enable continuous growth and innovation of the company, especially thanks to increased customer satisfaction.
These objectives can be achieved only through a constant control of internal processes and continuous adaptation of the same and of the corporate structure.

L.M. Impianti constantly strives to improve the corporate structure and its processes, which also involves the contribution of its suppliers and partners.

L.M. Impianti constantly seeks full customer satisfaction through the supply of products/services that meet the required specifications, good technical service, thoroughness and promptness in offers and trade relations.
Products are manufactured by L.M. Impianti in accordance with current legislation and in line with technological advances, in order to satisfy customer requirements as much as possible.

In order to reduce costs and improve quality, L.M. Impianti is constantly committed to the research of the causes of non-compliance and inefficiency and the continuous development of performance improvement activities. General Management is committed to making the necessary resources available, to promote the contribution of each company component in obtaining product quality and sharing and approving all efforts aimed at improving quality.

The Quality Policy is periodically re-discussed and updated in order to achieve continuous improvement by perfecting its quality strategy over time.

This Quality Policy is pursued through the identification of specific and consistent quality objectives periodically updated on the occasion of management reviews of the Quality system.

Company Data

VAT number 02876330164
Share Capital fully paid up: € 13,000
REA registration: REA:330177

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VAT number 02876330164 Share Capital fully paid up: € 13,000
REA registration:330177